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Sour Tusk – Turn It Up

(S/R – 2019)

Turn It UpUSE.jpg

Well I have waited for this release to come out and so have the 'Tusk boys to be honest. After seeing them a few times over the last couple of years we can now 'Turn It Up'. A two-man band made up of Nic Rudd (Drums/Vocals) & Jake Johnson (Guitar/Vocals) who both hail from the Sheffield area.


It's a great release too that's got plenty of the word 'Lose' scattered about in both song title take for example the balls out 'Midnight (Born To Lose)' that's a concert fave or 'Gonna Lose' later with its thumping singalong chorus and slipper stomping riff. They have the ability to come across like Motorhead & Royal Blood meets The Muppets on crack at times or alternatively a deep stoner UK equivalent of The Ramones with longer songs and more believable attitude with hotter phlegm and bile being brought up.


There are deep devil twists and bombastic turns throughout with highlights including 'Drinking Man' 'Evil Within' and the Lemmy-like slowie that is 'Shakedown' with it's unexpected riotous moment. Then there's the amazing acoustic like balladeering closer in 'Other Side' that shows they have another side to them too that fills up the speakers with electric excellence so far in.


This is jam packed full of heavy-duty balls that could explode at any minute and at times they do. Be sure to see Sour Tusk live cos that's really where they are at – buy this CD as well and tell them I sent ya!



By Glenn Milligan

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