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The Weekenders – Bright Silence Of Night

(S/R – 2016)





Retro 70’s band from Salt Lake City, Utah whose vocalist, Rob Reinfurt (also on guitar) doesn’t sound unlike Robert Plant with the line-up completed with Michael Sasish (Guitar/Piano/Rhodes/Vocals), Shaun Thomas (Drums) and Mike Togerson (Bass).


They crank it up loud with some superb fat sounding songs on here like the slow ‘n’ bluesy ditty called ‘The Grifter’ ‘Blue Hill Bay’; the latter 60’s Beatle-like ‘Every Night As A Slave’ or the old school phrased ‘Monkey See’.


I can imagine them sharing the stage with The Answer or Rival Sons. Love it! This could have come out about 1971 – so, so good!




By Glenn Milligan

The Weekenders, Bright Silence Of Night
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