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Jetter - When All Else Fails

(S/R - 2021)

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I discovered Jetter when a good friend suggested I check them out. I gave their current release a listen and was impressed enough to search out their earlier release. Jetter are a five-piece outfit that hail from Tampa, Florida and comprise of Paul Alexander & Gregorius (Both on Guitar), Kristie Lee (Vocals), Robert Christie (Drums) & James Anthony (Bass).

'When All Else Fails' is Jetter’s second studio release. It is a well-produced, guitar-oriented solid rock album. With weaving guitar prowess, strong vocals, and a solid rhythm section, 'When All Else Fails' is a noteworthy addition to any music lover’s catalog.

'Awake' is the perfect opening track. It has an eighties metal sound with a modern twist. 'Awake' highlights vocalist, Kristie Lee whose classic rock sound channels such memorable hard rock, vocalists as Lee Aaron or Bif Naked. Selecting the right opening track is essential as it introduces a band’s new release to an audience; Jetter chose wisely.

'The All Seeing I' follows with a pulsing base line and forceful drumming. Lee’s vocals have a haunting 1980s vibe that appealed to me when I purchased the debut album by the band 'Siren' who were dominant AOR rotation favorites at that time. This track could easily accomplish the same feat.

While the creative, diverse, songwriting highlighted on 'When All Else Fails'; there are significant tracks that are worthwhile mentions. The distinctive, melancholy 'Egyptian Knights' with its Middle Eastern rhythmic groove, and brilliant tempo changes is a unique raw rock song.

While most rock/metal albums usually include the obligatory ballad, a quality songwriter has the ability to create a ballad that stands out and does not become lost among the harder edged tracks. 'Strange New World' is a such a choice and Lee’s strong vocals shine.

'Where Angels Fly' channels early Helloween Walls of Jericho technique, which is a sound I often gravitate towards. '5 Minutes' could be a track found on The Cult’s 'Sonic Temple' album, if worlds had collided. it is a beautifully written song with lyrics that resonate with most folks in this world. We all wish we had an additional five minutes to say what we should have or correct a misunderstanding that we now must live with.

The more I listened to 'When All Else Fails', the more I hope they venture beyond their Florida shores and can introduce their talents to all of us.


By Dawn Belotti

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