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Unholy Alliance – No Dogs Allowed

(Nunny Dave Records - 2019)

Unholy Alliance - No Dogs Allowed

An ironic title for the CD since they are a band made up of former members of UK Punk Legends, English Dogs who blast out a mix of 100 mph Punk, Thrash Metal and old school Hardcore with a nice 'n' brutal Motorhead vibe too that was recorded and mastered at Zoo Recording Studio by Carl Harris.


They take no prisoners and suffer no fools by the sounds of what's on offer from Adie (Vocals); Nick (Guitar); Tat (Bass) and Grizz (Drums) with 11 songs on an album that clocks into just over half and hour – no chance of them going over the old 3 minute radio mark here – not that you'd be likely to hear them on your wireless any time soon!


Not a ballad in sight but if you like hard-hitting, fired up, slamming, energy-crammed, loud as fuck-filled then you will love the 'Alliance with songs like 'Never Before'; 'Look What I Had For Tea' (at The Black Bull, Gateshead) 'Crawling'; 'You Don't Know Me' and 'Looking At The Strangers'. Perfect for dinner parties and weddings.... errrrr....


Got any paracetomol?



By Glenn Milligan

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