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John Coghlan's Quo – Plug, Sheffield, Saturday 4th November, 2017


Set List 1:

Junior's Wailing/Backwater/In My Chair/April, Spring, Summer and Wednesdays/Claudie/A Year/Break The Rules/Something 'Bout You Baby I Like.


Set List 2

Caroline/Roll Over Lay Down/Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Paper Plane/All The Reasons/Hold You Back/Rain/Big Fat Mama.


Encore: Down Down.


After seeing original Status Quo Drummer John Coghlan on the second Frantic Four UK Tour in 2014, I was personally overjoyed when I found out from my good buddy, Steve Cooper that he was appearing with his own band, John Coghlan's Quo at this 'ere Sheffield venue. A band who line-up is completed by Rick Chase (Bass/Vocals); Mick Hughes (Guitar/Vocals) and Rick Abbs (Vocals/Guitar).














The gig started at the ungodly time of 7.45 so we ended up missing those first two classics 'Junior's Wailing' and 'Backwater'. Not the bands fault but down to the Venue Manager/Promoter who had some dance club on after and wanted to wind it up by 10pm much to the annoyance of many folk. Oh well, that's the moan out the way, onto the show itself that was split into two parts with an interval in the middle so JCQ could get a well needed breather.















So they don't look much like the Quo (apart from John of course) but these guys are spot on perfect with that driving deep 'n' heavy raw boogie that's as authentic as humanly possibly. Those vocals are pretty damn good too from the two guys called Rick who got our attention straight away.















It's pretty hard not to when they perform some of our fave 70's Quo songs like John's favourite 'April, Spring, Summer and Wednesdays'; 'Break The Rules' from the 'Quo'; album and much more! Mr. Abbs and Mr. Hughes are a brilliant combination of guitar sound, while Mr. Coghlan and Mr. Chase take care of the magnificent rhythm section of the band. It really is hard not to be blown away seeing Spud sat there at the kit nailing that backbeat to those old golden Quo songs we love so much.















We even get treated a dittie from 1981 - 'Something 'Bout You Baby I Like' from the 'Never Too Late' album – now I didn't expect that one at all! What was really impressive was how slick 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men' - introduced with a bit of history about Status Quo by bassist, Rick Chase. It had a longer ending too and an absolute joy to hear. Superb!















It was extremely special when John came up to the front talking about what not to do with regards to a bass drum: “Don't put a sleeping bag in it unless you are going to sleep in it”, he jokes. He talked quite a bit about the legendary Rick Parfitt who was a massive loss to him as a band member and musical brother. He said Rick was no doubt playing guitar up there and to say a prayer for him and praised him immensely. The crowd in here loudly chanted his name which was very emotional for John and the rest of us to say the least – Mr. C kept it together too – we really felt for him.















'Rain' was rightfully dedicated to Rick Parfitt – who always blew us away with that one at a Quo show – no-one can replace the coolest dude in jeans, t-shirt and trainers. A special song indeed to all of us. In fact, all the Rick sung songs have a special place in our hearts now – with Rick Chase going for them high, throaty vocals Mr. P was famous for and followed by 'Big Fat Mama'.















After a short exit from the stage, they returned to the boards for what was Quo's only number 1, the triumphant 'Down Down' which aptly went 'down' an absolute storm in here tonight funnily enough. The band then came out to meet the fans, had photos with them and signed some items too - especially JC of course.















An excellent night and it's true to say that the people in here are the real deal hardcore Quo fans – Respect!




By Glenn Milligan

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