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Hungryheart – S/T

(Tanzan Music – 2018)


Hailing from Italy, this is the 10th Anniversary Edition of their debut that was originally released in 2008 when AOR and Classic Rock was popular again


This band are so much like the 1st couple of Bon Jovi albums meets Johnny Lima– an impression I get as soon as the opening track 'Rock City' cranks up I gotta say. They spring up some acoustic glory too in the rocking 'River Of Soul' that is included later fully acoustic and very Southern Rock like.


They aren't afraid of exposing their love for power ballads with the song 'Hang Onto Me' and even throw in a beautifully crafted unplugged instrumental in there entitled 'Shadows' that's rather nice to say the least that flows perfect into the gorgeous 'Hard Lovin' Woman' with the marvellous Rockin' 'Gina' later too.


Good stuff.



By Glenn Milligan

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