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An Interview with

The Power Metallers who play 'Mountains Of Metal'

on Saturday July 20th, 2024

@ Record Junkee, Sheffield.

Tell us all about how your band came to be and what roles you all have?


We all met whilst studying in Huddersfield for the most part. Jamie and George have been playing together since way before then. But this version of Skies Turn Black came from the uni days. Jamie and Xander are the front men, both smashing it on vocals whilst also playing guitar and keytar. George is also on guitar, but we can’t really call him or Jamie rhythm guitar really as they both have their share of lead parts. Robs on drums, and I am on bass. But no one is really bothered about hearing about a bassist, right?


Where did your name initially come from?


The name originally came from a Malfice song that was a pretty early influence for some of into the heavier realm of music.

Who would you say have been your main inspirations and influences and why either individually or as a band unit?


Its quite sweet that we all have musical influences that are both similar and completely contrasting. It’s given us such an understanding of other genres and subgenres that maybe, we wouldn’t have been exposed to. Love a good long car ride to a gig with a full car, while we take turns on spotify; going from Rob chucking on some power metal like Orden Ogen, Jamie chimes in with some Lorna Shore followed by some dubstep. I tend to force everyone to listen to Rush because they’re the best band ever.


How would you describe your band to somebody who had never heard you before that will be seeing you live on Saturday July 20th?


It’s metal, with a little bit of power metal thrown in with some electronics and a f*ck*ng keytar. Big Chorus’, big solos, big instrumental sections and lot of fun.

What songs / albums are you most proud of that you have released so far and for what reasons?


The album, 'No Place Like Home' got some fantastic reviews in the likes of Metal Hammer and through Europe, but the release of 'The Skies Are Falling Down' felt like a pretty pivotal turning point for us when we weren’t even sure whether we would be able to continue. It’s a demo of that that got us the Bloodstock show so we have a lot to owe to that tune. Its really revitalised who we are as a band and given us so much more opportunities.


What would you say have been the most stand-out moments/highlights in the bands career so far and why?


Bloodstock is the biggie. But since then there has been a number of new cities we have played where we have had people turning up, already in our shirts and already singing along. Every time it happens we are just as surprised as the last. To trek all the way to Scotland and be met by such a warm welcome despite having never been is an unreal feeling.

What have been the funniest, most Spinal Tap moments in the band?


There’s been a number of things but we will keep it PG with this one. We once almost had to play a show without George because he missed his train. We were all travelling together and he missed it because he was adamant he had time to get his Subway toasted. We told him he didn’t, but he argued like hell that it had to be toasted. ‘That’s fine dude, but we can’t miss this train’. So we left him and got on the train and as the doors were closing we see him run through the station doors with a look of terror on his face. Guitar and subway in hand running full pelt towards the train for him to miss it by seconds. Chasing after it while it set off as if it was going to stop just for him. Missed it by the amount of time it would take to toast a sandwich.


What revs you up and gets you going before getting on stage?


Recently we have been playing with an intro track for a tune that is out May 15th called 'Playing With Fire'. The intro is stunning, and then comes in with a punch. The anticipation of that first big hit really riles me up ready for a show.

What would you most like to fulfil as a band when it comes to the bucketlist?


Download festival is the big goal. That’s what we want. Evening being at Bloodstock we get described as being ‘more of a download band’ and I get that. We are maybe not in the realms of heavy as some of the bands who are Bloodstock regulars. Saying that, how diverse last year and this years Bloodstock line up really contradicts that stereotype.


What does it mean to you to play the 'Mountains Of Metal' All-Dayer alongside the other bands on the bill?


It’s a big line up, with bands with bags of experience so we are really hype for the day so we can see all the talent the day fest has to offer. Sheffield is a cracking city for live music and it’s a stones throw away from a lot of us.

What special message do you have to the folk who are coming to the show?


Turn up. See all the bands you possibly can. Support every band you possibly can. Following on socials, liking and sharing a post can do wonders and means a hell of a lot. Making a playlist on spotify with the bands. Checking them out before the day. These are all things that strengthen the community and makes events like this really amazing.

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