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Mollie Marriott – Truth Is A Wolf

(Amadeus Music – 2017)

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Debut album from the daughter of the legendary, Steve Marriott that took a long time to come out the way this gorgeous lady wanted it but that's another story altogether.


It's one of those releases that you can play again, again and again and never lose your love for it especially with songs like the opening 'Control'; the Judie Tzuke penned title track 'Truth Is A Wolf' with some juicy Rhodes organ with short 'n' sweet reprisal.


Then there's incredibly soulful ballad 'Love Your Bones'; the epically performed 'Transformed' and haunting 'King Of Hearts' with the perfectly fitting crunchy guitar and echoey organ work that like the title track features Paul Weller.

With an incredible backing band, brilliant production and superb songs, the cards are totally point to a winner all round. One of the best albums of 2017 by far! Be sure to see Mollie live if you haven't already.




By Glenn Milligan

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