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A Devil’s Din – Skylight

(Island Dive Records - 2016)

A Devils Din, Skylight, British, Canadian, Great Britain, Canada, Isalnd Dive Records, David Lines, Thomas Chollet, Dom Salameh

Made of a British Rock frontman, a Canadian bassist and a French drummer, Montreal-based A Devils Din mix that number times ten in different sounds tried out.


We touch down at this second album to find mainman David Lines (guitar vocals) now joined by Thomas Chollet (bass) and Dom Salameh (drummer) to drive his multi -directional sixties/seventies flavoured sound with delectable aplomb of someone who could have easily been here at the time. 'Skylight', 'Phaze Ulysses', 'Never The Same Thing', 'Nature Of The Beast', 'For A While' pack bits of Pink Floyd, Procul Harum, Beatles, Genesis, King Crimson, Grateful Dead, Yes and The Who into every drawer in the chest until they no longer pull out.


Vintage prog outings such as the seven-minute long 'I Don't Know' roadshow Lines's slick multi-instrumentality on both guitar and keys and kicks back in the latter half with some luscious seventies blues bends before his haunting rasp handles the last chorus part, turning slightly Ozzy at the end.

Difficult to see a strict connection with the horned chap downstairs but this so-called din is one worth making on your systems if like me you yearn for the sweet musical sounds of yesteryear to return.


Nicely crafted, David.



By Dave Attrill

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