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Twister/Dan Reed Trio -

Corporation, Sheffield, Sunday 9th October 2022

Dan Reed Trio are known for their acoustic mellow tracks and was a fresh change of scenery for me. Mr. Reed's soft instrumentation backed by a bass and a drum kit made for a chill hour or so.

They made the audience sway and smile as he played mellow tracks he slowly drifted off stage but the chill atmosphere he created stayed and kept the audience happy for the whole night. One key point of the evening that helped push that relaxed feeling was when he told everyone “Everybody go to your happy place, that's what this next song is about”.

You could see the smiles of the crowd reflect off the metallic objects on stage. All three musicians were extremely talented and seasoned at their craft.

An unconventional, yet effective way to warm the crowd up for Twister.


Now this was a particularly special gig for me, as Twister was the first ever band I covered back in April. Standing there among the smoke of the machine above me, I waited for the beasts of the night to take the stage.

Finally, Twister took stage Kicking off with one of their bangers! That feeling you get when you listen to Twister is indescribable. They go from strength to strength with every track. They unite the audience with every note and it shows. There crowds are always enthusiastic and not afraid to rock around and headbang!

Once again, Jake Grimes hit the best solos, riffs and licks of the night, never missing a beat and captivating the audience. Ryan Lee's bass playing really gives the band its back bone and aids in their structure.

'Only The Strong Survive', the title track of their new EP, was insane, showing a new side of Twister and a new direction in musical performance. Its lyrics and music coming to life on stage, They had screens next to their amps that played background footage which really aided in their stage show, which was fantastic

Jack Corbett's drumming was (as usual) top tier and precise. Finally, Stevie Stoker's vocals and guitar playing made everyone feel like they were being pushed over by the sheer power of his voice. 'Call To Arms' was the highlight of the night with the crowd going crazy and shouting every lyric.

It was an amazing night, and Twister once again rocked the Corp stage.


By Alex 'Reaper' Holmes

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