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Gainstrive - Anywhere But Here (E.P.)

(S/R – 2019)

Gainstrive - Anywhere But HereUSE.jpg

That title aptly matches the sound of this Philadelphia six-piece, leaving me stuck for a word to describe them on first entry. Interesting might be one to start with however.


Angry alternative rock guitar rhythms ripple through opener 'Begin Again' and seem beaten into place only by Singer, Kate Walk's silky delivery, and then 'My Design' follows up to flatten things smoother with a high octane vocal line. 'Everything Ends' is an Evanescence-flavoured emotional eager with indie guitar feeds and while being a scarcely unfamiliar augmentation of styles, is one of the strongest points of this E.P.


'Buried Inside' brings things to a close with an intense multi-speed rocker that paves the twin guitar work it's own proper space at last and is a startling contrast with rest of the CD that shows what Gainstrive seem to have got tucked up the sleeve... that just suddenly managed to escape.


Precisely handled modern day rock with inspiration from a wide number of departments, it is suffice to say that their first full length release will be worth a blast after this taste.





By Dave Attrill

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