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Spellblast - Of Gold and Guns

(S/R – 2019)

Spellblast -  Of God And Guns - USE.jpg

Western metal? You are kidding.... oh yep hold on., I've just been taking the sleeve concept too literally once more.


What lies inside this Italian foursome's cover is actually a basic but crunchy melodic metal workout with a more than obvious conceptual structure evident. Despite two to three tracks slow to lassoo me in, most of what these lads do is actually very good with numbers such as 'Tex Willer', 'Wyatt Earp' and 'Goblins In Deadwood' still retaining a good ol' Texan lilt in the guitar department.


The top catalyst has to be lead vocalist Dest's guttural husk which gives a big branch out from the expected Euro metal formats and sticks Bon Jovi's 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' very firmly down on that saddle, while also laying a lot of convincingly 'who-ooooaaahhhh' moments onto 'Jesse James'. Still not what I was expectin to hear when I first hit play but Spellblast have moseyed into this metal town with their guns poised pleasingly aloft, and a bit of gold to share.


Howdy you fancy giving it a try?



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Alestorm, Kamelot & Helloween.

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