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Bill Leverty – Southern Exposure

(Leverty Music – 2007)

Bill Leverty - Southern Exposure USE.jpg

A completely instrumental album all the way through with Bill getting to exercise his fluent guitar chops on 10 separate occasions.


Highlights include the opening mellow but mysterious 'Hang Six'; the ballsy 'n' bluesy at times 'No Matter What'; the title track 'Southern Exposure' that flies up and down the fretboard like bunch of wacky scales thrown together with an effective counter melody; the sad sounding 'How Many Ways'; the elementary outstanding coolness of 'Jumping Through Hoops' or the fast pacing closer that goes by the name of 'Giddy Up'.


I am not usually one for reviewing albums of this nature but this is a nice example of such a type. Check it out and you won't be disappointed.



By Glenn Milligan

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