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Necronomicon - Invictus

(Metal Scrap Records - 2012)

Necronomicon - Invictus use.jpg

While we await the new album from Necronomicon, due in November 2020, the band decided to re-release one of their best albums to date, 'Invictus'. Necronomicon is not a band I was initially unfamiliar with but my decision to add them to my review list allowed me to listen to their music catalog. This led me to 'Invictus', now one of my favorite CDs. Thank you, Necronomicon.

Formed in Germany in 1983, the band was often classified as thrash/speed metal, however they are so much more. Invictus verifies the diversity that makes this band shine with an array of fierce, thumping metal, melodic interludes, and a similarity to early Kai Hansen led Helloween, Invictus easily falls under music you need to own.

Opening with the title track, Invictus gives listeners an avid warning spoken word declaring 'The Game Has Begun'. After a melodic guitar interval, the song takes off like heavy metal wildfire. The well-orchestrated time changes and original member Volker 'Freddy' Fredrich’s strong vocals is a flawless introduction to what Invictus perfects.

The technically brilliant dual guitar work from Volker and Andi Gern bring a harder edged sound to 'Bloody B*st*rds' and 'Thoughts Running Free'. The speed metal virtuosity, of these gentlemen are reminiscent of power metal remarkable duos such as Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath. In fact, numerous tracks are evocative of Helloween’s 'Walls Of Jericho' and by that comparison I imply an immense compliment.

'Face the Wall' with its haunting melody and evocative synergy enthralls the listener . The magnificent bass tone by Andi Nagal is precise and compliments the astounding work of the rest of the band.

I listened to Invictus several times, not only to understand what makes this band tick but because I simply like it. in other words, this is the music that attracts me and others who hunger for music they may not have previously been aware of. If you have not listened to Invictus, it is time you do.



By Dawn Belotti

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