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Afenginn – Opus

(Westpark Music – 2016)

Opus - AfenginnUSE.jpg

Well this is a real change to our ears as we are captivated by what can be described as tribal, medieval, folk and classical as well as avant-guarde like sounds that are split between two CD's.


It's like beautifully conceived background music and produces a really relaxed vibe and laid back ambience no matter where you crank up this double album. It comes from the creative brain of the Danish bands leader, Kim Rafael Nyberg (from Copenhagen to be exact), who on having an accident in Australia was stuck there 40 days and had plenty of time on his hands – this being the result.


It has a massive 20 plus ensemble of people who took part in this project that comes in four movements that are interwoven together with various musical themes. Only a couple of tracks actually have any vocals but don't let that put you off since it will take you on an amazing journey of traditional Balkan music, Nordic groove and more on here with instruments such as a Cittern, Cello and Mandolin to make it even more authentic.


It really has to be listened to in order to grasp the full impact of what is on offer here – just don't expect the usual hit song stuff you may be used to as you will be disappointed. This is off the beaten path and into territory unknown. Just let yourself get immersed in it as it's worth it.





By Glenn Milligan

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