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Parlor Snakes – S/T

(Hold On Music – 2018)

Parlor Snakes use.jpg

A French/American duo of female vocalist, Eugenie Alquezar and instrumentalist, Peter K that have elements of 60's Garage, Psychedelia and alternative rock in their make-up who are based in Paris.


Imagine a mesh of Jefferson Airplane, a laid back and more mysterious Blues Pills with vibes and elements of Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Doors, The Crammps and even a slight hint of The B52's in a darker mode and you have something close to what Parlor Snake are musically and vocally about.


Tons of electrifying and I say retro-grooving emotions to be immersed by here on what is an 11 track filled to the gills with gallons of gratifying glory with cuts like the opening speeding 'We Are The Moon' with its minor keyed Psychobilly edges and 'yeahs'; the atmospheric and Morrisonesque 'Dirt To Gold'' or the harmonium beginning fast and frantic 'Always You'.


Then there's the slick sickness of 'Man Is The Night' and 'The Ritual' – a stomping bit of bluesy brilliance that is like a slowed down 'Get Back' by The Beatles with extra coolness to it like echoeing guitar-work and cavernous drum sounds.


Wow – I so wanna witness these folks live!



By Glenn Milligan

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