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Airforce -

The Rail, Smithtown, New York, USA, April 5th, 2019

Airforce falls under the category of music you may not be listening to but should. Yes, there is the Iron Maiden connection but that is irrelevant once you hear them live. The band and associates are a bunch of friendly British gents but do not let that fool you. Airforce tears up the stage; they are a take no prisoners rock band.

Airforce has been on the circuit since 1989, with three of the original members still a part of the unit. Although there have been various vocalists over the years, (current vocalist, Ivan Gianinni), Chop Pitman, Tony Hatton and Doug Sampson have remained a constant. Sampson’s perfected his drumming technique with early Iron Maiden and now continues his massive attack with Airforce.

Tony Hatton is a heck of a bassist maintaining the pulse of the music, add Chop Pitman’s classic guitar 'chops' makes these guys not just entertainers but extremely skilled entertainers. Airforce is no longer Britian’s secret, they flying high international and hopefully they will reach America’s shores again soon

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By Dawn Belotti

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