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Madhouse – Bad Habits

(Rock Of Angels Records – 2021)

Madhouse - Bad Habits use.jpg

Loud, bombastic hair metal spread out on 15 tracks that clocks in just under an hour from Vienna, Austria, whose vocalist sounds like a cross of Blackie Lawless & Mark Slaughter in one!


As you have no doubt already guessed there are big vocals as well as waling guitars, cooking cowbell, bashing drums and licks 'n' riffs to die for with songs that are utterly 80's and as unPC as possible. Cuts like the opening 'Bang Bang', 'First Lick Then Stick' and I Walk The Ponygirl' kinda define the statement too! The band are made up of Rickey Dee (Bass), Mickey Stixx & Tommy Black (Guitar), Tommy Lovelace (Vocals) & Casey J. Eiszenman (Drums).


The production is strong and very up to the red just about since it comes across like its been mastered pretty loud in that 'Slaughter' kinda style meets Def Leppard, Skid Row and Danger Danger. Tons and Tons of highlights including those mentioned above or the crackin horsebackin' 'Rodeo'; the ballsy 'Live It Up' or the fatantically titled 'Fake It Till You Make It' that 's worth a mentio for the build-up and cowbell clanking or the tongue in cheekness of 'Tourette Brunette'.


What can I say apart from brilliant?



By Glenn Milligan

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