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Scandic Tribe - Light At The End

(Gateway Music – 2018)

Scandic Tribe - Light At The End USE.jpg

It's 2018...and somewhere in the depths of Denmark, two lads decide to release an album on vinyl and download only.


Copenhagen's Scandic Tribe certainly deserve respect for their move by those with a penchant for retro technology, yet missing a CD format off the menu may not be the best for physical sales prosperity. Especially applicable when they've got a gritty debut album as 'Light At The End' to promote - this one is short on disappointments from start to end. Twisting progressive edged alternative rock into a pumpy blues fusion, Thomas and Morten move from one track to the next without knocking on the door first.


Tight playing with plenty of bends and some slick keyboard additions that echo of seventies names slowly distracts one from noticing this is a concept album. Meaty Metallica-meets-Black Sabbath guitar work creates a sturdy lead into 'Revolution Of Confusion' while the solos slide and glide around this stand out number with its classic metal chorus. With some swish ballad moments that bring Toto to light 'Life Is Good' delivers a bulk supply of summertime melodies with others to find scattered in the gaps.


Scandic Tribe's first delivery, produced by legendary metal switch-twitcher Roy Z, is a diverse and innovative treat, without the fear of over experimentation to scare some off. Hopefully a full line-up should assemble in the not too distant future as these songs have even higher live potential.

For now though, the recorded versions will do very fine.



By Dave Attrill


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