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3 Dreams Never Dreamt – Another Vivid Detail

(My Kingdom Music – 2021)

3 Dreams Never Dreampt - Another Vivid D

Now this is something completely different to what I have personally before – a conceptual album about the dark goings on at a circus that talks of the various performers like acrobats, clowns and jugglers.


3 Dreams Never Dreamt come from Milan, Italy with a line-up of Gianluigi Giradi (Lead, Backing Vocals and Acting Vocals), Andy Signorelli (Lead/Rhythm Guitars/Keyboards), Andrea Rendina (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Maria Torelli (Bass/Double Bass) and Davide Martinelli (Drums).


It also features Ilaria Esposito who takes care of the female vocals on the sinister, majestic cut called 'The Dance' plus Mattia Stanciolu who does the acting duties on 'The Black Dressed Clown' where the curtain opens to a slabbing riff and 'The Ballad Of A' about knife throwing – I think someone got hit judging by the sound of the crowd.


It puts me in mind of bands like Queensryche and The Pineapple Tree who have delved into a deep or deeper depressing zone while taking a bucket-load of downers since there are no uplifting songs hardly to be found from the opening incidental whirly introduction 'Interconnections' right through to the closing title track, 'Another Vivid Detail' about a killer at the venue – now if that was the idea then the 'Dreamt folk have perfectly created a musical nightmare that will haunt you for a long while.


It's a well-thought up idea where vaudevillian weirdness meets a macabre horror-filled spooky story with very believable narrative and lyrical content. Love the atmospheric musicality of the bright yet blackness of 'The Poet' and dankness of 'Save Me From Myself' with the sorrow and despair cutting through well in the sad vocals that mould well with the impact of the instrumentation.


Who knows what Billy Smart or the Zoppe family would make of this as it's way more Vincent Price or Lon Chaney Jr than family entertainment!



By Glenn Milligan

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