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Goldray – Corporation, Sheffield, Saturday 13th April, 2019

Tonight in Corporation's small room is a UK based outfit called Goldray. Many may not be totally familiar with the name but when I mention that they have the former lead guitarist of Reef, Kenywn House in the band, it starts to turn a few heads.


Mr. H's own band whose line-up is completed by Leah Rasmussen (Lead Vocals) Jonny Brister (Drums) & Colin Parkinson (Bass) bare hardly any resemblance to his previous since Goldray have a glowing psychedelic essence to them which also engulfs the stage with plenty of flowers draped on amps and around microphone stands that adds to the vibe of the show. It really is like going back in time to the late 60's when Psychedelia was in its element and free love was the in-thing.


Imagine 'Jefferson Airplane' meets 'It's a Beautiful Day' with the odd element of 'Gong' in there plus a fair smattering of Hawkwind without the weird noises and you are somewhat on the way to getting towards the musical style of Goldray.


Quite a spectacle! You forget we are in the year 2019 as it feels more like 1969 in here tonight. It was nice to hear from Leah that they had a walk around Sheffield and really liked our city - credit to them for taking the time out to do this indeed.


Highlights of the set that were witnessed included 'Oz', 'The Forest' and 'Soulchild' that were pretty mind-blowing with sonic, flamboyant Hendrix-like guitar-work from Kenwyn and very passionate caught in the moment vocals from Leah Rasmussen whose mesmerizing long blue dress coming complete with authentic wings captured our eyes throughout the entire radiant and epic performance of each song.



Review By Glenn Milligan


Images by Toolsie Photography

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