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Fear Lies/Servers (Big Room) + Fahran/Falling Red/Fragile Things (Small Room) –

Corporation, Sheffield, Friday 17th, November, 2017


Well this is something that hasn't happened before for me personally – two separate shows to cover in one venue in the same night. A two in one event that is a dash between both rooms with an eye on the clock and band billing times.


It's the small room first to witness a band going by the name of Fragile Things whose members come from Wales, Milton Keynes and Brighton. The frontman some may recognise from a few years ago is Richie Hevanz – the original vocalist of Hurricane Party who renamed themselves Heaven's Basement and still going strong today.















Fragile Things are a heavier punkier and way thrashier affair for Richie and his glammy look has gone too which I remember back in the day replaced with a shorter shaven hairdo too with a small ponytail.















They grab the audience pretty well kickin' out songs from their E.P's 'Broken Sun' such as 'Open Cage' and a few newer cuts from the just released 'Echo Chambers' like the incredible 'Disappear' (if I remember right). Sounding Good! I look forward to seeing them again and with an album in tow as well.















And it's time for a walk around to the big room and check out Servers that a buddy of mine, Alun Charnock has been telling me I need to see for a bit. It's pitch black in here and the sound from the stage is as dark and deep as hell.















With only gaudy backlighting on offer it looks more like a creepy monastery (well they are dressed like monks) meet a black mass with Satan and the naked virgin on the sacrifice stone missing.















Musically imagine Type O Negative with hints of classic morbidness of 70's Black Sabbath (the likes of Vol. 4 etc); Metallica, Pist.On, early Anathema with bass drones that drive hard into your body and vibrating ever bone in your skeletorso.















Very likeable and addictive – I found myself getting lost in their sound a few times while I took it all in. Great vibes all round and making a good name for themselves too local and nationwide!















A quick dash back to the small room takes me to the thrashier, punkier brash motherf*cker from Penrith. They've got it together but I think they try too hard to be arsey by constantly swearing to the point where it becomes boring and meaningless.















Less expletives and more great songs would be a better bet to be honest. The audience seem to like 'em anyway and go down really well.Great song and phrase in 'If You Ain't Down With The Rock (You Can F*ck Right Off)' that I gotta say is a marvellous saying to use – hahaha!















2 CD's for sale too on the merch stall too that Tuesday was manning as well. Bet they sold a few too. I do like 'My Town, My City' which is a great autobiographical piece.















Now I last saw Fear Lies in Feb. 2016 at another venue here in Steel City but they sound way better in the big room in here by far and in headline mode too. What was astounding was the amount of fans and folk in general that had showed up to this show.















This was a special night in aid of the Jessops Care Baby Unit in Sheffield with the day itself being none other than 'World Prematurity Day '. Aside from that, it goes to show that 'Fear Lies' have a big following here in Sheffield and beyond who really deserve it as well.















Cranking it up with their Therapy meets Foo Fighters and Metallica style they play a brutal rockin' raucaus set that even has Big Sean up for four great songs too such as CCR's 'Fortunate Son' or 'Chip Pan' by The Everly Pregnant Brothers.















Fear Lies can really deliver with this Charity event being no exception with highlights of the set including the ballsy 'Banshee'; the enjoyable riffery of 'Heist' the and perfect closer 'The Last Goodbye'.















My buddy, Steve Froggatt was really impressed on his first time seeing them and bought himself their CD as well! A very polished act who need to be offered a support slot on a major UK Tour with a big pulling band. The show in the big room raised over £2200 – a marvellous outcome.















Now for a last run to the small room where we end the proceedings and check out Fahran who I saw a few years since supporting I Am I in this very room. These guys have their own unique sophisticated take on metal where the vocals is very high ended on the note front without a drop of helium in sight!















They do come across rather serious in style with plenty of plenty of solo work from the guitar, going down great with those who are still present in the room. Highlights of their set included the opening 'Take This City Alive'; 'State Of Mind'; and closer 'A Thousand Nights'.















They are still striving on, still rocking and sounding good – they take you back to the Metal of the mid to late 80's which isn't a bad thing at times like these. Overall another crackin' night in Steel City in a month that has come to be known by me as Rockember!


By Glenn Milligan

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