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Bill Leverty – Drive

(Leverty Music - 2013)

Bill Leverty - Drive use.jpg

This is where Bill gets to pay tribute to songs that have he has loved over the years or influenced him one way or another and sees him joined by Andre Labelle on drums and Keith Horne on the bass guitar.


What I really like about this ten song collection is that fact that he has took risks with it and not simply selected songs that are typical run-of-the-mill well-known numbers that even the many non-rock fans will recognise. It opens up with the forever excellent 'Fortunate Son' by CCR that the Firehouse Axeman has elevated with by the means of a top-notch spankingly technical but musical guitar solo.


Love his take of Edgar Winter's 'Free Ride' that he nails incredible via the vocal chops too; the reggae-rock of 'I Shot The Sheriff' ; the hardly heard 'Fire' – not the Hendrix song but one by Ohio Players that is a poppy disco-like funker of a number.


Then there's the late 60's 'No Time' with it's harmonious psychedelicness by The Guess Who; the magical rendition of 'Rikki Don't Lose That Number' by Steely Dan and the closing quirk of 'I Just Want To Celebrate' by Rare Earth – another rarely heard ditty especially over here in the UK.


A collection that's well worth cranking up!



By Glenn Milligan

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