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Hawkestrel – SpaceXmas

(Purple Pyramid Records / Cleopatra Records – 2020)

Hawkestrel - SpaceXmas use.jpg

Okay, it's March (as I write this) but you can have Christmas whenever you want it can't you? And to be honest, not many of us really had one in 2020 anyway! We are still waiting to properly celebrate it – so why not crank up this masterpiece from Alan 'Boomer' Davey, the former bassist of Hawkwind?


Glenn Hughes nails 'We Three Kings' with vocals the only he can deliver with such power and passion and I have never heard 'Silent Night' sound so good with all the wave machine noises or 'Little Drummer Boy' with the grinding bass tones that really add some balls to the lightweight spiritual song.


There is a robot sounding vocalled tribute to the late Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk sung totally in German called 'Ein Weihnachliches Lustobjekt' that in English translates to 'A Christmas Object Of Pleasure' (with lyrics by Jungen Engler) or the hilarious 'Twelve Daze Of Drinxmas' sung by Danny Faulkner (formerly of Pre-Med) with added piss-take inserts from Alan too – brilliant. Or what about a nice take of 'Hallelujah' from Nigel Potter (of the original Gunslinger - who also plays the guitar part too) – a lovely version indeed!


Other notable players on here are the late great Hawkwind Guitarist, Huw Lloyd-Langton, Rick Wakeman, Robbie Krieger, Nik Tuner, Adam Hamilton (LA Guns/Brides Of Destruction) and Steve Leigh (formerly of Pre-Med).


Forget your typical crappy Christmas cash-in albums because Mr. D has totally proved you can do way more with many of these traditional songs – even in 110 degrees in the middle of the desert – well done Mate! Here's to some amazing Christmas's to come!



By Glenn Milligan

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