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The Hall of Heavy Metal History Awards 2018 –

Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove, Anaheim, California, USA January 24th, 2018


Well it had been a long time since I last attended a music awards ceremony. Nine years in fact and that was a few miles away over in Hollywood. Speed onto this year and we are here in Anaheim before the annual NAMM took place down the road to celebrate and of course acknowledge some of the genres best human components in Heavy Metal hosted by Eddie Trunk and placed together by a marvellous team that include Whitney Ribbins & Pat Gesualdo.















It was a long event with plenty of stars up on the podium either giving or receiving awards with house band being local band, Budderside who have made quite an impact in the last year or two in Southern California.












Highlights of the night included Megadeth's David Ellefson talking about the late drummer, Nick Menza while his sister received his award and made a touch speech too; Guitarist, Metal Mike on his beginnings and getting the break with Rob Halford after sending him an audition tape.















Sammy Ash talking about his shop and business that his dad built up – the original Sam Ash, Exodus lapping it up with their award and Guitarist, Gary Holt (also of Slayer) being as brutally explicitly honest as possible. Jim Crean also picked up an award on before of Carmine Appice too!















Meanwhile, Rob and Lipps from Anvil were as humble as ever, not to mention being and comedic with it too. Then what about Riot at last being recognised as being one of the most underrated bands in Heavy Metal. Always good to see bands who have been underdogs in the genre getting the credit they deserve - especially when these two acts have influenced so many acts over the years.















Easily one of the best moments were the speeches from two milestones in Metal. It started with Don Airey talking about Bill Ward that included marvellous commentary about practical jokes played on Mr. Ward like ending up covered in shit while trying to mend the tour bus toilet or having water thrown on him in the studio.















Bill Ward himself when he came up on the stage was very down to earth and gracious. He was so thankful for being there, loving his brothers in Sabbath and beyond giving a tearful speech about his health and life – not to mention scaring himself half to death by dropping his award – priceless – no breakages tho – lol.















Then there were other nice moments such as a member of the Rubinson family received the award for the late Elliot and the legendary Billy Sheehan getting an award for all his bass coolness.















Brilliant to see one of our fave British Guitarists, the gorgeous, Jackie Chambers of Girlschool and Syteria talking about being a woman in the Rock and Heavy Metal Biz. She then presented Lzzy Halestorm with her award too – one of the most hard-working female artists in the World of Rock & Metal today - pretty awesome to say the least!



Then after Lzzy herself made a thank you speech, she performed one of her numbers which was mind-blowing vocally - how she keeps that voice I dread to think – but she nails it, making a perfect ending to the Awards Ceremony...















See you all next year when no doubt a few more well-deserving artists will receive a 'Hall of Heavy Metal History Award... 


By Glenn Milligan

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