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Mick Paul – Parallel Lives

(S/R – 2021)

Mick Paul - Parallel Lives USE.jpg

This is Mick Paul's debut solo album of which there are many collaborators on this release – 9 in all.


The collaborators include Sheila Maloney, who did all the keyboard parts who is one of the original members of the David Cross Band, David Cross himself from the David Cross Band of course (and of a little known band called 'King Crimson' too) who Mick is the bassist for. Mr. Paul also got the current drummer for Steve Hackett, Craig Blundell (also of DC's band in the period of '2008 - 2017), taking care of a couple of the album tracks while the rest is manned by Steve Roberts of Tangent.

Highlights include the opening 'Your Days' that indicates of what you are in store for with its cosmic almost jazzy at times Prog that has that Yes-like feel about it with a kinda drifting puzzling style to it as well. Or what about the beautiful but also sinister 'Beneath The Gate'; the instrumental 'Swallows' with the flute playing from David Jackson (of Van der Graaf Generator) and the ambient spacey 'Frozen Perspective'.


Dare I say some reminds me somehow of Manhattan Transfer with the choral harmonies and out-there kinda left of centre vibes with other strange and unnerving feelings.


Give it a good listen.



By Glenn Milligan

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