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Intelligent Music Project - The Creation

(S/R – 2021)

Intelligent Music Project - The Creation

Intelligent music project is a venture put together by Bulgarian philanthropist, Milen Vrabevski back in 2012.


Having features a revolving door of hard rock luminaries throughout the year, this fifth release ex- Black Sabbath Drummer, Bobby Rondinelli and former Asia man, John Payne take up duties along with Chilean vocal hotshot, Ronnie Romero (Rainbow/MSG/Lords of Black) while Vrabevski oversees multi-instrumental contributions. The resulting formula is a fine set of old time metal and rock with a river of variety flowing through.


'Sense of Progress', 'A Shelter', 'Your Thoughts', 'Sometimes', 'Back To The Truth' cover Classic Rock, AOR, Prog and traditional metal lovingly and loyally apiece between them with plenty of the elements of their own associated day acts to pick from. The hooks hit hard and fast, topped and tailed by some fine smooth soloing from Bisser Ivanov, there being very few slow intervals along the twelve tracks to stop you up.


Pristine work from a surprise machine, I should be having little hesitation in checking out Mr Vrabrevski's previous creations if this corker comes on the end of them.


'The Creation' comes highly recommended either way.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath & Deep Purple.

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