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Walking Papers – The Light Below

(Carry On Music – 2021)

Walking Papers - Light Below USE.jpg

The band from California that a certain member of Guns 'N' Roses used to be the bassist of... no prizes for guessing who... yep... Duff McKagan!


Anyways, the band now consists of Jeff Angell (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Piano), Benjamin Anderson (Keyboards/Backing Vocals), Will Andrews (Drums/Percussion), Dan Spalding (Bass), Tristan Hart Pierce (Guitar) & Gregor Lothian (Saxophone). They have a kind of dark, resonating almost experiment ambience to them that at times puts me in mind of U2 (especially vocally) and the blacker, more doomier side of INXS when they weren't in their pop mode.


Highlights of the dozen tracks on offer here are in my opinion the Delta Blues of 'Divine Intervention'; the dark but abrasive n sinister electronica of 'Creation Reproduction And Death', the building of the unnerving 'Money Isn't Everything' or the following synth coolnes of 'Rich Man's War' or 'Where Did I Go Wrong' that has the Vaudevillian feel of Curtis Eller.


Wow that Sax playing in 'The Other Shoe (Reprise)' is rather special to say the least or what about the closing blues of 'California (One More Phone Call)' with the emotionally filled church organ filling the mix! Such an inspiring album that you can lay back and get lost in.


Worth persuing.



By Glenn Milligan

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