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The Dues – Thief Of Time

(Bad Reputation – 2016)

Heavy Blues-Rockers to the fact of almost being a Stoner band who crank it up all the way from Winterthur, Switzerland.


What gets your attention as soon as you put this album on is the raw authentic sound and it comes across like its coming from some dusty old Orange speakers.


Standouts include the bluesy opening cut called ‘Beast’, the Coutriness of ‘Jekyll’; ‘Silver Haze’ with the marvellous cymbal sounds or their own unique take of The Rolling Stones ‘Gimme Shelter’. Play this mother loud!


Late 60’s to early 70’s Retroness!




By Glenn Milligan

The Dues, Thief Of Time, Heavy, Blues, Rockers, Stoner, Bad Reputation, The Rolling Stones, Retro, Orange
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