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Hawklords – Time

(Shellshock – 2021)

Hawklords - Time USE.jpg

Those spacey pioneers who at the time had a line-up of Tom Ashurst, Dave Pearce, Fred Reeves and Jerry Richards and give us a conceptual album that concerns the speed of sound being broken by Chuck Yeager in the Bell X-1 aircraft.


There's some really cool stuff on here like the opening rocker 'Speed Of Sound'; the instrumental 'Lighthouse At The Edge Of The World' or the epic booming spacey groove of 'Turn You On' with one hell of a bass run in it; the tranquillity of 'Kites' or throbbing of 'To The New Age'.


Many of those epic sounding outta the universe like frequencies can be found on here and a few Canadian Geese too – as well as a marvellous remix by Mr. Reeves of 'Turn You On' as a bonus cut!


Every second is worth it!



By Glenn Milligan

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