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Surf Cowboys – Crossroads

(Roxcom/Dude Records – 2015)

Surf Cowboys - CrossroadsUSE.jpg

These guys are from Luxembourg who have a cool laid back contemporary feel to them that is totally suited to radio the world over. They've been going from way back in 1992 and came from a band known as 'New Deal'.


They actually consist of seven members – that may be a record for us on a reviewing basis (excluding a band playing alongside an orchestra of course). It's a ten track offering with highlights including the gorgeous ballad title track 'Crossroads'; the quirky 'Monkey's Wedding'; the humourous 'Don't Touch My Sister'; the rocking 'Run For Your Life' and surprising ending instrumental that is 'Superman'.


It's well structured and you can play it for anyone without anyone finding it too overpowering or too heavy for them


An okay album.



By Glenn Milligan

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