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Branco – 2050 (E.P.)

(Volcano Records – 2021)

Branco - 2050 use.jpg

This is the 1st release singer-songwriter, Filippo Alessio (former vocalist of 'Breaking Larsen Theory') in his new band, Branco.


A four tracker that is kinda eerie as it could be sadly realistic if we let it happen due to corrupt no-fun World leadership and more to the point, dictatorship that will hopefully not be the near future.

'2020' talks about the now and how it could go with '2050' saying how it did go.


In between you get an awesome tune called 'Flak's Run' with its bouncy beat and likeable acoustic work – it's a bit Florence And The Machine in vibe and style too with a southern rock sort of poppy twist and the serious sounding orchestrally vibed 'McCandless Syndrome'. There's a scary laugh that runs all the way throughout that reminds me of Mutley The Dog and The Hooded Claw – even the one on 'Dark Side Of The Moon' too.


It was recorded at the Steakhouse Studios in Hollywood, California and if this is anything to go by, a full length album will be something rather remarkable and well worth playing a few times like this is.


Enjoyable in a weird so of way.



By Glenn Milligan

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