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Amanda White – Kitten's Give Zero F*cks

(S/R – 2018)

Amanda White - Kittens Give Zero FucksUS

American Female Punk Rocker springs this one on us that even features former original Spin Doctor on Guitar, Ross Byron, based in both Boston and New York when she is needed for her operatic vocal duties.


She has a high wailey voice on the punker stuff which at times is rather unsettling such as in the opening 'Last To Bite' or 'Whackadoodle World' but sounds amazingly beautiful when it comes to the serious ballads lime 'Dark Art' although not too sure about those out of tune guitar sounds.


She stops with the winning gorgious voice formula with 'Someone's Watching Over You' & 'Adora' being incredibly, epic, gorgeous ballads that's like a different artist altogether that have with enchantic musical melodies and arrangements to match.


This album turned into a winner after all.



By Glenn Milligan

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