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Imperial Jade – Please Welcome

(Lengua Armada/Epictronic– 2015)

Imperial Jade - Please WelcomeUSE.jpg

Barcelona Boys – well Callella to be exact who really rock it up on this album that has 10 super-fuelled dynamic tracks and a fitting 'Intro'.


They formed in 2012 and have elements of Wolfmother and Led Zeppelin in the vocal stakes – courtesy of Arnau Ventura with the rest of the band having enough musical chops to feed the rest of the world with. Oh yeah, these other four members are Alex Panero (Lead Guitar/Vocals); Fran Lopez (Drums/Vocals); Hugo Nubiola (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) and Ricard Turro (Bass).


Loads of marvellous songs on here such as the opening 'Satyr'; the 70's Rocking fun of 'Time Machine' that comes complete with some banjo moments; the incredibly epic 'Camel Ride' that clocks in at over 8-minutes with it's heavy-laden bluesy riffs & solid harmony singing pipes.


Then there's the astral-like 'Electric Lady' with a very impressive soaring guitar section and incredible closing 'Fire Burning Sound' with it's Uriah Heep & Deep Purple meets Kansas and Styx groove.





By Glenn Milligan

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