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Stuckfish – The Watcher

(Sonic Portrait Records – 2019)

Stuckfish - The WatcherUSE.jpg

A Progressive Metal band from Morpeth, whose debut album was reviewed not too long ago that I was so impressed with that I was up for checking out the second album.


Now it's a case of what can I say that hasn't already been said about these guys previously? Well since I am not one to repeat myself, so go and see the other review for that and then simply take it from me that this album easily matches the previous album.


There are marvellous songs on it like the opening track, 'The Bridge (That Spans The Edge Of Time'; 'The Mirror' because it never lies – photoshop does though – sorry, I had to go there and the epic closing just short of 9 minutes brilliance of 'Fallen Angel' that features the legendary Thijs Van Leer from Focus!


If you want mesmerising arrangements, second to none vocal performances and guitar soloing to die for then go no further than this incredible CD from Stuckfish.



By Glenn Milligan

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