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Medicine Ball Caravan – ‘Til The Next Stone

(Mojo Groover – 2016)



Medicine Ball Caravan were a band formed in Paris, France 2007 but like many dissolved due to members leaving as is often the case.


Anyway, they grooved it together well but for one reason or another called it quit before this got released. Drummer Jay returned to America and Vocalist/Bassist, Matt and Guitarist Rod called it quits later too. A while after Matt decided to finish this album and brought in Danny Fury (Kill City Dragons/Lords Of The New Church) and this is the result you are reading about.


The album has, as you’ve probably guessed, a stonerish vibe to it but other traits too such as a late 60’s sound which really kicks in on the 3rd track called ‘If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up’ by Betty Davis with a fantastic bit of organ playing and not to mention bluesy guitar riffery.


Elsewhere there’s the rockin’ ‘Back Again’ or the bluesiness of ‘Girl’ with that organ brought back in again – sweet!  or the waling harp ticks the box in the closing ‘On The Road’! Not the best vocally but the music more than makes up for it.




By Glenn Milligan

Medicine Ball Caravan, Til the next stone
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