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Racing Mars - Measure Of Decay

(Dark Street Records – 2016)

Racing Mars - Measure Of Decay USE.jpg

Now here's a five piece rock band from Bristol who come across like a refined version of The Clash with some almost gothic underlying meets the power of Simple Minds and U2 who have been at it as a unit since 2014.


They comprise of Tim Wallace (Vocals); Andy Newey (Guitars/E-Bow); Tony Barrett-Powell (Guitars); Chris Finn (Bass) who also produced this baby as well as Neil Rogers (Drums) and Rich Denning (Keyboards).


Highlights include this melodically filled and guitar thramming 'This Ain't Hollywood'; an Edge riffed ditty going by the name of 'The Truth'; the brightly sounding 'Passages'; the D.A.D like bass-starting 'Kings And Queens' and the beautifully autobiographical closing 'Brooklyn Road' with it's dightable orchestral elements. I often keep thinking of the late Hugh-Lloyd Langton in the vocal department too whose voice I loved.


A great album.



By Glenn Milligan

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