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The Dead Daisies/FM/Graham Bonnet Band -

Rock City, Nottingham, Saturday 3rd December, 2022

What a night this promised to be for my first visit to the legendary Rock City! Who doesn’t love Mr Bonnet? I am a massive FM fan and as for Glenn Hughes and the Dead Daisies, let’s just say he and they are the current Gods of ROCK!

Set List: Eyes Of The World/All Night Long/Night Games/Desert Song/Since You’ve Been Gone/ Assault Attack/Lost In Hollywood.

A rather weathered looking Mr. Bonnet took to the stage, his shirt matching the creases of age. He was flanked by Lead Guitarist, Conrado Pesinato and the eye-catching bass playing, Beth-Ami Heavenstone.

Not forgetting the powerhouse at the back on drumkit that is Kyle Hughes. Cheers roared from an already packed Rock City despite the fact that it had an early start 18.10!

As Graham launched into ‘Eyes Of The World’, it is obvious his voice is in great shape. With minimal room to manoeuvre, due to the amount of equipment on stage, Graham at times seemed to teeter on the edge.

Maybe this helped create the intensity as the G.B.B. powered through their set, closing with ‘Lost In Hollywood’. It is a great opening to what promises to be an evening of ‘Night Games’.

Set List: Synchronised/Bad Luck/Killed By Love/Tough It Out/I Belong To The Night/Turn This Car Around.

F.M. are up next, with so many wonderful songs to choose from, they deliver a mixture of old and new opening with ‘Synchronicity’, immediately it is obvious they are on fine form, Steve Overland’s voice as incredible as ever. ‘Bad Luck’ and ‘Tough It Up’ really get the crowd involved as we all sing along.

There is a sense of magic in the air which permeates throughout out the set which simply flashes by and ends all to soon with ‘Turn This Car Around’.

It perfectly sets us up for the headliners. I get an opportunity to speak to Steve and Merv Goldsworthy, who are beaming thanks to the reaction they received. Roll on May 24th 2023 when they perform in Norwich with Dare and Tyketto, it promises to be an epic evening.

I will be there celebrating with my wife as it is our 38th Wedding Anniversary, you guys will make it a special evening that is for sure.

Set List: Long Way To Go/Unspoken/Rise Up/Dead and Gone/Radiance/Face Your Fear/Bustle And Flow/ Fortunate Son/Mistreated/Born To Fly/Burn It Down/Hypnotize Yourself/My Fate/Shine On.

Encore: Midnight Moses/Burn.

What can I say about The Dead Daisies? Previous line ups have been great, but since the arrival of the voice of rock they have gone on to a level that is simply stratospheric. Glenn Hughes gives the band an aura that simply transcends that of most groups. He defies the ageing process in every way, with the looks and voice of a man 20 years younger, incredible.

The Dead Daisies are not just about the lead singer/bass playing frontman. Doug Aldrich performs like the guitar playing icon he is, bending those strings, creating a cacophony of sensational sounds as he moves around the stage, the effect he has on the ladies in the crowd is almost orgasmic. He smiles, points and thrusts they love it! We all love it! Dave Lowy the founding member, is a sight to behold, the smiles that emanate from him as he plays his rhythm guitar are infectious and engaging, maybe he simply cannot believe the heights and acclaim his band are getting, he appears to be having the time of his life.

Brian Tichy holds it together on the drums, he is a force of nature as he pummels his skins, his solo in the show is excellent, like his band mates he exudes the joy of playing to a crowd that simply loves the music that is being produced. As The Dead Daisies hit the stage at Rock City there is a sense of being in the presence of greatness. ‘Long Way To Go’ hits us hard and heavy, Glenn immediately has us in the palm of his hands, as he gestures and smiles, his bass making the venue bounce.

‘Unspoken’ and ‘Rise Up’ continue to enthral the crowd, visually we are indeed in the company of greats. A few songs later a thought strikes me, Graham Bonnet and F.M have longevity and history on their side, they have songs that have been sung for decades, songs that are part of rock history. 

The 'Daisies for all their collective brilliance do not have these, maybe it is the newness, maybe it is because there have been so many line-up changes, the songs as brilliant as they are, do not quite resonate and connect with the intensity of say ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ or ‘Tough It Out’. Instead, we watch, mesmerised by the performance, the power, the prowess that pours and is performed from the stage.

To help make my point the absolute highlights of the show are a jaw dropping ‘Mistreated’ and a mind blowing ‘Burn’ which are both greeted with fervent joy and the intensity and atmosphere almost blows the roof off the Rock City. I suppose it is hard to compete with your past, when that past is so legendary.

The Dead Daisies do this by being individually and collectively brilliant, as long as this version of the band continues, their songs will become part of our lives. I already can’t wait for the next album and the next tour, familiarity will create more response, more knowledge of the material will create a ‘Radiance’ that will make the songs glow. For now, Daisies are standing on ’Holy Ground’, they are a group that needs to be seen and heard from, ‘Coast To Coast’.

At the beginning I said this promised to be an extraordinary night, it was more than that, sometimes your expectations go unmet, but this surpassed them all. Spectacular! If only it could have lasted longer, I could have been there ‘All Night Long’!

By Paul Rhino Mace

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