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Awakening Savannah – S/T (E.P.)

Awakening Savannah - Self Titled EP USE.

A heavy ended trio from Swindon, UK who comprise of Steve Tanner (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Andy Molyneaux (Bass/Vocals) and Liam Dearing (Drums).


It starts off with 'Rebuild' that's like a slowed down Testament with a really well-textured chorus; whilst 'Dead Men Talk' has some apt tolling bells and deep bowl curdling vocals at times on this grinding bawler of a number with some mud monster like Satanic BV's.


Then 'End Of The Line' takes it down to a sad autobiographical but at the same time light and beautiful with it too. It closes with the bluesy number entitled 'The Banished' with a really effective high to low note riff run.


Once you get around, over or used to those left of centre, off-kilter unnerving, grating throatal vocals you have the ability to really like this varied styled E.P.



By Glenn Milligan

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