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Toxic Waltz – Declassified

(EverThink Metal Records - 2016)


If anybody asks 'does this sound like Exodus', I shall... well probably congratulate then on their ear for taste actually.


Yes, this Spanish five-piece do pay due to the Bay Area legends aplenty although they've likely been listening to Bonded By Blood a little bit more often than the rest of the catalogue if this 9-track cruncher is anything to come by. Replacing a yelpy Baloff voice with their vice-heavy roar more suited to stoner-oriented matter, Toxic Waltz run a tried and tested format with every favourable element included.


Despite a slight flatness forming some of the tracks together, the live intensity of 'Abduction', 'Thrash Metal Dictatorship', 'Island Of Death', 'Octogenarian Violence' and 'Loudmouth' is not safe for laughing in the face. Sizzling rhythm guitar rage and rumbling drumming, as evocative as usual makes 'Declassified's addition to your collection a tad above worthwhile.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Slayer, Metallica, Forbidden, Pantera & Anthrax

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