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Still No Doubt – Still Rockin'

(Oomoxx/Maple Leaf Records – 2018)

Still No Doubt - Still Rockin use.jpg

A German 5-Piece band from Wilhelshaven to be exact, originally called 'No Doubt' but changed their name to 'Still No Doubt' for obvious reasons who began life around early 1992.


Their line-up now consists of Schorsch (Vocals), Sir Malowe (Guitars), Uli Gibson (Guitars), Rudi (Bass) and Chief Larsen (Drums). Highlights include the cracking opening 'Little Sister'; the lovely ballad 'Pictures Of War'; the walking bass throbbing 'Start Running'; 'We Rock You' which is pretty rocking to say the least.


Then there are the re-recorded tracks such as the Saxon like 'High Heels'; the well-riffed 'We Belong To The Night' and 'No Doubt' which again is very Saxon-esque! Superb sounding that is pure 80's brought to the 2nd decade of the millennium.





By Glenn Milligan

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