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Flood The Engine – S/T

(S/R – 2013)

Flood The Engine use.jpg

Now this is a kind of supergroup like project that is absolute old school classic rock stuff with a Free/Bad Company/Old School Whitesnake feel to it throughout.


An outfit that features Bill Leverty (Firehouse) on Guitar, Jimmy Kunes (Cactus/Savoy Brown) on Lead Vocals, Andre Labelle (Vinnie Vincent/Chris Holmes/Josh Todd) on Drums and Keith Howe (Peter Frampton/Heart/Waylon Jennings) on Bass.


It has an absolutely beautiful old school production and very much 'plug in and get it down on tape' feel like it was done in the 70's with a warm 'n' raw vibe oozing out the speaker stacks. Jimmy has the guts and sultry sleazey vocal chops of David Coverdale & Paul Rodgers with his own stamp on the top too while being backed by absolute cream of the crop faultless musicians.


These 8 numbers really grab you by the balls with the album starting up with a cover of Back Street Crawlers brilliant cut, 'All The Girls Are Crazy' which is immediately followed up Gary Wright's sadly forgotten 'Love Is Alive' epic. It ends on the funky bluesiness of 'You're Not The Only One' but on the way there you will come ear to speaker with amazing groovers like the dirty riffed 'Bootstrap Blues' and the equally essential 'Change' of a similar style which follows or what about the wailing 'Lay It All On Me' that has plenty of confident macho snazz to it.


Would dearly love to hear a second album come from these guys since this is an album that's truly jaw-dropping and stops you in your tracks.



By Glenn Milligan

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