Devilskin/Sumo Cyco/Eva Plays Dead –

Corporation, Sheffield, Saturday, 18th March 2017


Set List: Colours/Spin/Wonderland/Get Back/Live Again/Monogamy.


Here's to a loud 'n' proud show in Sheffield, that for me, started off with Devilskin's second support band, who were Derby based band, Eva Plays Dead, featuring the vocals of Tiggy Dee, Guitar of Matt Gascoyne, the rhythm section of Zach Shannon on Bass and Seb Boyse on drums.



Having never heard of this band before, I was interested in giving them a listen. The opening song proved a good foot tapping starter and set the tone for their rather shortened set due to the four band line up for this event. Their sound is very hard rock riff laden with Tiggy's powerful vocals cutting through rather effectively, second up  was another up tempo song in the name of spin. 



Again, difficult not to nod in time to with the pounding bass/drum providing an excellent backdrop for the accomplished lead/rhythm guitaring provided by Matt Gascoyne. All members of the band are animated with Matt bounding around and Tiggy throwing shapes all gig long. 



For the final song I had been warned by a fellow gig goer (a guy in a Kilt) that the drum kit would end up where I was stood.  Sure enough, there it ended up, disassembled and reassembled in record time so that Seb Boyse could pound the skins amongst the crowd.  A bit of a novelty but very affective with the audience appreciating it greatly. With the set lasting just six songs I found myself wishing for more.











All in all a very sound live band and altogether entertaining to watch.




Set list: Interceptor/Anti Anthem/Sleep Tight/GoGoGo/Mercy/Like A killer/The Ugly/ Free Yourself/Brave II/ My Name Is Rock N Roll/Crowd Control/Move Mountains/Fighter.


The final support act for Devilskin were a band I had been eager to encounter since seeing the televised Winter rocks gig on Sheffield Live.


Canadian rockers, Sumo Cyco did not disappoint. I would even say these were one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long time.  Front woman, writer, vocalist, actor and all round super human, Sky Sweetnam is like a whirlwind on stage.  Her unique vocals and facial expressions holding the audience enthralled. This lady has all the rock moves and attitude, putting most others firmly in the shade.


Their songs are short sharp punk/pop/metal style with tracks such as ‘Sleep Tight, ‘Anti Anthem’ and ‘Free Yourself’ from their as yet unreleased CD ‘Opus Mar’ (on sale at the gig) melding perfectly with older tracks in the shape of ‘Like a Killer’, ‘My Name Is Rock N Roll’ and my personal favourite, 'Fighter'.

Guitarist, Matt ‘MD13’ Drake handles his duties with ease, having a very unique style - a mixture of subtle low key jazz type guitar licks followed by searing punk/ metal riffs which work together perfectly.  The rhythm section hold it all tight with the bass of Ken ‘Thor’ Corke and accomplished tub thumping provided by Matt Trozzi .


Despite being in the Corps smaller room, Skye took the chance throughout the gig to leave the stage and join the audience, firstly to get everyone to crouch down with and join her on vocals, then climbing onto the bar to sing and finally piggy back on Matt Drake's shoulders as he marched in and out of the crowd.


This band are seriously entertaining, I enjoyed them so much so that I felt compelled to buy both CD’s they had on sale at the event and they’ve been my in play list ever since.




Set list: Vessel/In Black/Start A revolution/House13/FYI/Mountains/Barracuda/Until You Bleed/Violation/Little Pills.


Having first heard New Zealand band Devilskin’s 2014 debut CD, ‘We Rise’ last year and played it on constant rotation for months and then similarly their eagerly anticipated second album since December I was delighted to see them tour and play Sheffield.


Unfortunately, this was a badly timed gig as Thunder were also on in the city and surely took away some potential audience. This left them to play in the more ‘intimate’ small room at the Corporation. With two quality support bands preceding them (As said earlier, I missed the first support of the three), I feared that Jennie Skulander and co may have a struggle to live up to being the headline act.


Thankfully, this was not the case as they delivered a powerful set including most of their favorites and surely impressing those hearing them for the first time. The vocal delivery of Jennie was first class with opening song ‘Vessel’ getting everyone singing along. 


Guitarist, Nail and Bassist, Paul Martin really looked to be enjoying themselves bounding around and posturing on stage while youngster, Nick Martin provided the thundering backbeat to the songs in style.


Together they provide a faultless backdrop to the singing. ‘In Black’ from their latest CD, 'Be Like The River' came next with ‘FYI’ and ‘House 13’ from the same also in the set. The powerful anthem, ‘Start A Revolution’ whipped the audience up with everyone joining in the chorus (some singing every word!).

This frenzy carried on with a very true to original rendition of Heart's 1970's hit 'Barracuda' the set was quite short and seemed to fly by. Their best-known song and the one which first grabbed my attention 'Little Pills' being the closing number and a fitting end to the show.



I wish they could have played longer as several of my personal favourites were sadly omitted but meeting them at the merchandise stall after made up for this.




By Pete Hawkins