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Shamall – Continuation

(S/R – 2018)

Shamall - ContinuationUSE.jpg

This is very much like a kind of Pink Floyd kind of band on an instrumental jaunt a lot of the time cos there are not many songs that have vocals there.


Shamall have been in existence for 30+ years and come from Landwedel, Germany. This release contains unreleased pieces intended for the Turn Off album from 2013 that are first compositions, rehearsals and other new material that kinda explains why a lot sounds so similar and goes on in like an ambient jam with wave machine sounds, drums and guitar plus masses amounts of keyboard all over.


I hear elements of a tranquil Hawkwind in there and The Pineapple Thief no again with the singing stripped off the tracks with items like 'Fragments' that comes in four parts with one kinda blending into another. In fact much of it blends as one instrumental and goes on appears as though it goes on forever. The cuts with some singing on are very likeable such as 'It's Time To Grasp The Mantle' and 'Solitary Life'.


An album to relax to and put on in the background rather than in the forefront.



By Glenn Milligan

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