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Paul Kantner & Grace Slick – Sunfighter

(Grunt Records / Floating World Records)

Sunfighter use.jpg

An album from two members of Jefferson Airplane that originally came out on the bands own 'Grunt Records' Label via RCA Records back in 1971.


Grace & Paul were the main voices of the band and recorded this on the birth of their first child, 'China' (who has a song named after here and the idea of being childlike in general) and focussing on subjects that were not suitable to the day job.


It's still very hippiefied with that floating folky feeling to it with guests including David Crosby on backing vocals; three tracks with Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead on guitar and later members of the Jefferson Airplane too, not to mention members of 'Tower Of Power', Mic Gillette and Greg Adams and Gospellers, The Edwin Hawkin Singers (the latter on the spiritual title track too),


It's deep and hard-hitting like the opening piano and string filled 'Silver Spoon' about cannibalism but also has some mellower moments at times as well; a short cut called 'Diana' who was killed in a bomb explosion while making them.


Then there's the J.A. meets The Allman Brothers Band like 'Million' with its deep, country guitar in the mix where they say goodbye to San Francisco crazies who they moved away from; the short electric folk rock of 'Earth Mother 3' and the epic nearly 8 minute closer 'Holding Together'. The liner notes are so worth reading too by Alan Robinson which gives you a real insight to what was going on at the time.


An incredible album that should have got more attention on first release.



By Glenn Milligan

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