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Jollymon – Voidwalker

(S/R – 2018)


Vancouver trio, Jollymon jump in with a stampy melodic vocalled metal number by way of opener 'Tsunami' and sweep me along quite rapidly.


With a frontman who's voice sounds like a cross between Eddie Vedder and John Bush, the produce was hardly promising to be orthodox and as the angrier drag of 'Moneyhawk' follows after, this album is not going to let you too press stop just yet if you appreciate art.


Guitarist, John Colgate appreciates his own job with display of metal widdling going between old fashioned metal and meaty alternative across consuming tracks like 'A Good Day', 'Be Nice' 'Forecast' and 'Missile Commander' as the drums back it up with similarly technical bombast. Added fluids of Prog ambience and, at the pick of times, a slick metallic turn or two and Jollymon have got this one in the can.


'Voidwalker' might only just be passable if it's for a casual approach in listening, but either way it is an impressive technical fusion without the frays showing at the ends.



By Dave Attrill

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