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Zoe's Idol - We Apologise For Being Awesome

(S/R – 2018)

Zoes Idol - We Apologise For Being Aweso

Do you really lads? Shame as I was looking forward to this one. All in all this German outfit aren't that much of a disappointment.


Dirty grinding modern rock mixing punk and metal is the evident mould that Zoe's Idol lower their musical clay into, resulting in the twelve tracks you hear on this one. Fast uptempo and aggressive in the main, with tracks like 'Yesterday Is History', '(All You Need Is) Beer', 'Life's A Joke' 'The Bedroom' and 'Der Donnerstag' barely unlikely to leave a live venue floor standing still, is the as-usual favourable combination.


A couple of subtle outings and an almost prog like approach in 'Angel of The Underground' the saxophone laden 'Cirque Du Solace serve to spice things up and work as well as the rest underneath singer DC Dude's Offspring-like vocal layer. Apologies almost necessary, Zoe's Idol's effort just scratches at the line marked 'awesome' lightly beneath but still lands far up the opposite end from awful.


Worth having!



By Dave Attrill

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