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The Ghost Town Rebellion – Urbs Indomita

(No Pants Records – 2016)



A modern sounding Southern Rock quintet are uplifting and powerful in style who name their album after the motto of their city which in Latin means ‘The Indomitable City’.


They crank up the album immediately with ‘Promontory Bend’ and the deep, ballsy ‘McClatchy’ following it straight after. Other highlights include the gutsy riffed cut called ‘The Delta Kings’ that some not very often heard in rock, muted trumpets.

There is a real rootsy vibe in ‘Stanford’ with that banjo whereas ‘Sacramento’ is an ode to their home city with mandolin thrown in for good measures.

Every song on the album tells a story of times gone by that closes with an upbeat version of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’ that I actually prefer to the original. A band that grows on you for sure.






By Glenn Milligan

The Ghost Town Rebellion, Urbs Indomita
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