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Stonepit Drive – Dystopia (E.P.)

(S/R – 2015)

Stonepit Drive - Dystopia EP Use.jpg

The debut E.P. from the Kettering based hard rock band who are made up of Ant Howley (Vocals/Guitar); Baz Howley (Guitar); Ricky McClurg (Bass) & Matt Curchin (Drums) who originally formed in 2011.


It is in sense a 4 tracker with a bonus cut and clocks in at just under 20 mins and was recorded by Neil Haynes at Parlour Studios with artwork by Matt Dixon and cover design by Lizzie Hudson. Musically they have a ballsy 'n' crunchy sound that clenches a 90's groove with elements of Papa Roach, Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit but has 80's rock sonics at times too – hard to fully describe but there you are. It rocks it up immediately with 'Blue Flame' with the front vocals and answering backings right after.


Then there's 'Rise Of The Bull' gets all down and miserable with talk of suicide but don't worry as no-one dies or will do during the listen... whilst Suffocate and the closing number 'Vive Sine Timore' (that is Latin for 'Live Without Fear) have a touch of Tool both musically and vocally.


A real grower of a band and CD.



By Glenn Milligan

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