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C.T.P (Christian Tolle Project) – Now & Then

(Fastball Music – 2016)



Melodic hard rock stuff that features a wide array of well known musos throughout this album from a guy from Leverkusen, Germany.


It’s rather safe and radio friendly at times but does have some standouts such as the bluesy ‘Magic Pudding’ or the pounding cut that is ‘The Price Of Love’ with Michael Landau on lead guitar.


Then there’s the enjoyable rocker ‘Back To The Moon’ that features John Parr on lead vocals, Chuck Wright on Bass and Steve Lukather on Guitar, not to mention the cracking closer either that is ’87 99’.


You can’t help but like this album.




By Glenn Milligan

CTP, Christian Tolle Project, Album, Now & Then, John Parr, Chuck Wright, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Guitar, Bass
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